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This bag idea totally backfired on us!!! LoL One Saturday night we decided to take our most popular Pro blended fill and pair it up in a square template using a mixture of material's. We've used the Phaze-X fast side with the control side of the RPM in a charcoal color.

Discovered at the ACO worlds championship in July by a few of our Arkansas players.  We felt it was best due to the demand of this bag to get it ACO stamped. Thank you for the support!

Bag Speed 5-6 Slow Side, 8 Fast Side.

Use caution: The fast side material is known to snagging easily. If playing on boards with rough edges or unsafe conditions.

When braking this bag in: Its recommended to use (2) mesh lingerie bags if tumbled. 

Warranty: We will not warranty bags that have snagging or raised fabric due to unsafe conditions.    


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